Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kubrick's The Killing

Just saw an excellent film post-Super Bowl: Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing. According to IMDB, the film is cited as a huge influence on such modern day classics as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction—and I could see it perfectly. Tarantino barely improved upon or added Kubrick’s formula—or at least, all he managed to add was flashes and bangs rather than anything more of substance.

Kola Kwariani, a professional wrestler who appeared only in this film, stole every scene he was in with these philosophical musings and a quirky delivery as he played a down on his luck wrestler whose favorite haunt was a chess club.

My favorite sequence (aside from the inevitable way in which such a perfect plan becomes spoiled—think of the original Ocean’s Eleven) is this little bit of dialogue between Kola and a minor character:
Kola: I'd like you to call this number and ask for Mr. Stillman. Tell him that Maurice requires his services.

Acquaintance: Sounds pretty mysterious. What's it all about?

Kola: There are some things, my dear Fisher, which bear not much looking into. You have undoubtedly heard of the Siberian god Heather who tried to discover the true nature of the sun; he stared up at the heavenly body until it made him blind. There are many things of this sort, including love, and death, and...maybe we'll discuss this later today. Please remember to make that call if I'm not back at 6:30.


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