Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoon jihad updates

  • Chechnya's acting prime minister announced a ban Monday on all Danish organizations.  Smart, because Chechnya is doing pretty well right now.  This ban includes the Danish Refugee Council, one of the largest aid groups in the region, which feeds 250,000 Chechnyans monthly.

  • Over in the United Kingdom, a student editor of a college newspaper has been suspended and the issue recalled.

  • Meanwhile, the Islamic protests have extended to the internet where over 600 Danish websites have been attacked, as well as sites in Israel and Europe.  Many have been defaced with Arabic graffiti (and an English translation) condemning the cartoons.  One posted an image of the London bombings and threatened an attack “very soon.”

  • On an indirectly related note, over at the Strategy Page, the US Marines apparently now “advertise themselves” as the “Jihadi Travel Agency”, “capable of quickly dispatching holy warriors to paradise.”  As with all jokes about death and the beliefs of others, I am not quite sure whether to judge this funny or quasi-offensive.  In any case, it is an interesting tidbit revealing a bit of the morale of the troops in Iraq.

  • And for all of you trying to catch up, here is the best comprehensive chronology of the whole affair that I have found.


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